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pillole per dimagrire(non-registered)
Michael Borden(non-registered)
Awesome! Revealing the earth beings we feel but never see.
Jo Hensel(non-registered)
Phenomenal art! This truly captures the glorious wonders that we so often take for granted. Awe-inspiring! Thanks for sharing...
Terry Vilkofsky(non-registered)
Lovely, absolutely lovely.
Mary D.(non-registered)
Enjoyed the beauty that was unseen until you photographed, and the peacefulness of the photos and music together. Bless your Big Heart.
Looking forward to the arrival of the CD's
Deborah Mathews
Beautiful work Mark. I love all the faces nature shares. I take photographs also. One photo of the mountains by my house the top ridges was the face of a native (live on a reservation). I also take photography of spirit in clouds.

I enjoyed looking at all your work. The name "thirdeyephotographs" is exactly what it is. We have a way of seeing what others don't take the time to look at. You have embraced it as stillness to share with the world.

Keep up the great work.
Frank DeDominicis(non-registered)
I've enjoyed Mark's artistry for several decades. His initial Spirit of Love slideshow had a healing effect on me.
Michelle Medrano(non-registered)
So inspiring!! Love, Michelle
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